Strangers In A Moment

After several creative conversations between musician and artist Bertie Blackman and Chorus, the result is a new collection – Strangers in a Moment – based around the ideas that fed Blackman’s latest album – The Dash.

Taking strong cues from the rhythmic qualities, pop atmosphere and 80’s influences of the song Strangers is a Moment, the collection is focused on an abstract exploration of stripes. Stripes interrupt classic garments, become dividing lines on the body and appear as motifs within fabrication. As is often the case at Chorus we investigated the merging of garment stereotypes, the shirt, the tuxedo, the kimono, the t-shirt all blur into each other.

We admire the way Blackman effortlessly blurs the lines between strong and masculine and something very girly, both in her music and personal style and have reflected this in fabrication and embellishment – mixing pinstripe wools, stiff poplins and corduroy with silk lamè and hand-cut sequins exploding as if someone threw confetti on you on the dance floor.

The conversation culminates in the short film of the same name, written, produced and directed by Ramona Telecican and Andrew Kavanagh.

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